The research group

The research group has extended experience with test development and psychometrics for educational as well as research purposes.

  • aslaug

    Project leader
    Dr. Aslaug Fodstad Gourvennec
    Associate professor

    Aslaug Fodstad Gourvennec holds a PhD in Literacy Studies (2017). Her main research interests are literary reading and disciplinary literacy within Norwegian, oracy, and assessment of reading comprehension. She has experience from developing National Tests in Reading (grade 5), and as project leader for Formative Reading Tests (grade 6).

  • Oddny J. Solheim

    Research leader
    Dr. Oddny Judith Solheim

    Oddny Judith Solheim holds a PhD in Special Needs Education. Her main research interests are assessment of reading and early reading interventions.  Solheim is experienced in research on and development of reading assessments, and has led the development of Norwegian National Tests in Reading (Grade 5) and a Norwegian Screening Battery for identifying children at risk for reading difficulties in Grade 1-3. Currently, Solheim is PI on two ongoing RCTs that test the efficacy of early interventions in Grade 1-4 on children’s literacy skills and motivation. In these projects, Solheim has been responsible for the development of new tablet-based solutions for assessment of early literacy skills.

  • Njål Foldnes

    Statistician in charge
    Dr. Njål Foldnes
    Professor II

    Njål Foldnes holds a PhD in Mathematics.  He is currently Professor in statistics at the Norwegian Business School and Professor II at the Reading Centre. His main research interest is developing new statistical methodology for the social sciences, with particular emphasis on psychometrics.  Also, he has published several empirical papers in educational science, focusing on new instruction methods in higher education.

  • per henning uppstad

    Per Henning Uppstad

    Per Henning Uppstad has a PhD in General Linguistics. His main research interests are linguistic philosophy underpinning dyslexia research (including the role of phonology), technology enhanced learning and early reading intervention. He has broad experience from externally funded research projects. A recurrent feature of these projects is the use of technology to support learning. He is currently the leader of a prioritized research group at the Reading Centre: Literacy and Learning, and is joint editor of the scientific journal Nordic Journal of Literacy Research. 

  • Bente Walgermo

    Bente Rigmor Walgermo
    Associate professor

    Bente Rigmor Walgermo has experience from National Tests in Reading (Grade 5). She has also been involved in the development of a screening Battery for 1.–3. grade, and is the current project leader for the revision of these tests. Additionally, she has been a part of the development of a scale for measuring motivation for reading over the first three years of school.

  • Vibeke Rønneberg

    Vibeke Rønneberg
    Associate professor

    Vibeke Rønneberg has experience from developing Formative Reading Tests (grade 6), especially from psychometrics. Her main research interests are studies of the writing processes and of spelling.