IALS project

How well do adults read in Norway? IALS is an examination of literacy skills of adults aged 16 – 65 in 21 countries.

Background for the project

In today’s information society, we are no longer concerned with whether or not adults can read, but are more interested in how well they read; how they can make use of the flood of written information they meet in their daily lives and at work.
This is some of the background for IALS/SIALS (International Adult Literacy Survey/Second International Adult Literacy Survey), which has mapped the reading skills in the age group 16 – 65 years in 21 countries.

These countries include about 10 % of the world’s population, but ”cover” about 50 % of the world’s collected gross domestic product.

In Norway, it’s the Ministry of Education and Research which has taken the initiative and commissioned the survey, along with the Ministry of Government Administration and Reform and the Working Directorate (NAV). Egil Gabrielsen at the Reading Centre, at the University of Stavanger, has been the project manager.