The ALL project

The ALL project is mapping reading skills in the age group 16 - 65 years. The survey has been carried out in about 20 countries. The first round was carried out in 2003. The second round will be carried out in 2006.

Adult Literacy and Life Skills (the ALL project) is a follow-up project to the IALS (International Adult Literacy Survey).  The results are presented in, among other places, the international report; OECD and Statistics Canada (2000) "Literacy in the Information Age: Final Report of the International Adult Literacy Study” and in the national report: Gabrielsen, E: "How adults read in Norway.”

Planning of ALL started in 1999. As well as measuring adults’ literacy, it also encompasses mapping other skills in adults, such as numeracy, problem solving and ICT literacy. It is once again Statistics Canada, Educational Testing Service (USA) and OECD who make up the international project management. 7 countries have taken part in the first round of the project, while 8-12 countries are candidates for participation in the second round which will be carried out in 2006.

The ALL project is carried out in Norway for the Ministry of Education and Research. In 2001 the pilot investigation was made ready with a Norwegian selection of 1100 participants. A representative selection of 5500 Norwegians aged 16 - 65 took part in the main survey, which was carried out in 2003. Statistics Norway has carried out the Norwegian data collection and has worked closely with the Reading Centre as regards the implementation and completion of the project.

In 2004, the work has concentrated on finishing the scoring work, work on establishing data files and planning the reports from the project. The international report will be presented on the 11th of May 2005, and the national report will be presented on the 8th of September. There will also be a series of monographs and a number of articles focusing on different thematic areas covered by the ALL project. Egil Gabrielsen from the Reading Centre is the national project manager for ALL.