We think, talk, and write about what we read

Throughout school, students will read their way through countless pages of non-fiction text. The reading pressure grows every year, and it can – especially in junior high / secondary school – be very difficult for many.

The subjects and the texts are different, but the aim of reading is the same. Reading should result in new knowledge and new insight and form the basis of own opinions.

Reading situations and ways of reading vary. Sometimes teachers go through the material beforehand, and other times the students get through the material by having the teacher comment as they read, and other times students have to go through the material completely on their own.

In many schools the students have work plans. This usually means they have to manage their own reading. It is then, a good time to ask some questions about the students’ reading and learning:

  • How do they read?
  • How do they work with the text? Which reading strategies do they use?
  • Do they learn / benefit sufficiently from what they read?
  • To what extent do they understand what they read?