Det diskursiva skrivandets funktion - en läromedelsanalys

(Jenny Magnusson, Södertörns högskola) Several researchers have shown that teachers in schools do not teach discursive writing enough and early enough; a type of writing that students need to master to succeed in society. As a result, discursive writing has in recent years gotten more and more attention in new policy documents and educational materials. The premise of this article is to examine what support teachers receive to cope with this new attention.

Discursive writing is here examined in writing-assignments in some 20 educational materials for primary school, on the Swedish language. The main focus is function, the important role that function has when it comes to school writing, e.g. in the form of a clear context or clearly defined recipients. Ivaničs discourses of writing is the analytical tool that has been used.

The analysis shows a little variation in the writing assignments examined. The students get to practice form of genre and process, but not much in relation with a social context outside of the schools. In addition, the results show that clear contexts or specified recipients are rare in the writing assignments, and in relation to previous research this can be seen as problematic, as these aspects have proven to be essential for successful writing.

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