Publisering og formidling

Prosjektbeskrivelser og publikasjoner er tilgjengelige på CRISTIN.

Publiserte artikler:

Oddny Judith Solheim, Mari Rege & Erin McTigue: Study protocol: “Two Teachers”: A randomized controlled trial investigating individual and complementary effects of teacher-student ratio in literacy instruction and professional development for teachers 
International Journal of Educational Research, Volume 86, 2017, Pages 122-130

Håland, A., Hoem, T.F. & McTigue, E.M.: Writing in First Grade: The Quantity and Quality of Practices in Norwegian Classrooms 
Early Childhood Education Journal (2018). 

Oddny J. Solheim & Vibeke Opheim: Beyond class size reduction: Towards more flexible ways of implementing a reduced pupil–teacher ratio 
International Journal of Educational Research
 (online November 2018, in press)