New Literacy Practices

The research group New Literacy Practices is concerned with literacy practices that can develop competent and authoritative readers and writers. Its theoretical framework is grounded in disciplinary literacy and critical literacy.

Disciplinary literacy emphasizes the use of discipline specific reading and writing activities, whereas critical literacy emphasizes reading and writing activities that provide critical and considered perspectives. These terms can work together as well as in opposition to each other, and such interactions and counteractions are aspects that the research group seeks to explore. 

Focusing on these terms, the research group focuses on central theoretical and didactically oriented research questions, all of which emphasize the development of competent and authoritative readers and writers for the 21st century. 

The research group has consciously sought to include members of different scholarly and theoretical persuasions from various departments at the university, all of whom still share an interest in literacy practices and the development of competent and authoritative readers and writers. In addition, the research group also collaborates with some of the leading Nordic and international researchers within the field.

One pronounced aim of the research group is to be an active participant in the development of MA and PhD courses, contributing to existing courses as well as to the development of new ones. 

A large number of Norwegian and international researchers participate in the program area, which is managed by associate professor Anne Håland.