På Sporet: Publikasjoner

Forskerne i På Sporet har publisert en rekke vitenskapelige artikler fra prosjektet. Her finner du en oversikt.

​​Solheim, O.J.; Firjters, J.C; Lundetræ, K; Uppstad, P.H. 
Effectiveness of an early reading intervention in a semi-transparent orthography: A group randomised controlled trial 
Learning and Instruction, Volume 58, December 2018, Pages 65-79

Lundetræ, K, Solheim, O.J., Schwippert, K, Uppstad P.H.
Protocol: ’On Track’, a group-randomized controlled trial of an early reading intervention
International Journal of Educational Research Volume 86, 2017, Pages 87-95

Lundetræ, K; Thomson, J.M
Rhythm production at school entry as a predictor of poor reading and spelling at the end of first grade 
Reading and Writing January 2018, Volume 31, Issue 1, pp 215–237

Esmaeeli, Z; Lundetræ, K; Kyle, Fiona E 
What can Parents' Self Report of Reading Difficulties Tell Us about Their Children's Emergent Literacy at School Entry?
DYSLEXIA 24: 84-105 (2018)

Walgermo, B.R; Frijters, J.C; Solheim, O.J
Literacy interest and reader self-concept when formal reading instruction begins
Early Childhood Research Quarterly Volume 44, 3rd Quarter 2018, Pages 90-100

Walgermo, B.R; Foldnes, N; Uppstad, P.H.; Solheim, O.J
Developmental dynamics of early reading skill, literacy interest and readers’ self-concept within the first year of formal schooling 
Reading and Writing January 2018

Erin M. McTigue; Oddny Judith Solheim; Wendi K. Zimmer; Per Henning Uppstad
Critically Reviewing GraphoGame Across the World: Recommendations and Cautions for Research and Implementation of Computer‐Assisted Instruction for Word‐Reading Acquisition 
Reading Research Quarterly, 0(0), pp.1-29, 

Zahra Esmaeeli; Fiona E. Kyle; Kjersti Lundetræ 
Contribution of family risk, emergent literacy and environmental protective factors in children’s reading difficulties at the end of second-grade  
Reading and Writing (2019).