COST IS1404 E-READ: - Evolution of Reading in the Age of Digitization

The main objective of E-READ is to improve scientific understanding of the implications of the digitisation of reading, and to help individuals, disciplines, societies and sectors across Europe to cope optimally with the effects.

Based on a multidimensional, integrative model of reading, and combining paradigms from experimental sciences with perspectives (e.g., diachronic) from the humanities, the Action will develop new research paradigms and a number of metrics for assessing the impact of digitisation on textual reading. These metrics support the development of evidence-based knowledge of paper and screen reading, and provide guidance for practitioners, policy makers, publishers and designers.

The E-READ COST Action runs from November 2014 to November 2018, and currently comprises researchers from 28 countries.


General information:

  • Chair: Anne Mangen, NO
  • Vice-Chair: Adriaan van der Weel, NL


The scientific work coordinated by the Action is organized into four Working Groups:

  1. WG1: Skilled (PISA-age) reading:
    WG leaders: Thierry Baccino, FR & Nuria Castells, ES
  2. WG2: Developmental aspects of reading:
    WG leaders: Mirit Barzillai, IL & Paul van den Broek, NL
  3. WG3: Experiential/emotional aspects of reading:
    WG leaders: Anezka Kuzmicova, SE & Art Jacobs, DE
  4. WG4: Ergonomic aspects of reading:
    WG leaders: Theresa Schilhab, DK & Jean-Luc Velay, FR



COST is supported by 
the EU Framework Programme
Horizon 2020