Conferences at the Norwegian Centre for Reading Education and Research

The Reading Centre regularly hosts conferences and other events related to reading education, research and literacy.


Upcoming events

National conference on reading 2017

Stavanger (Sola), April 3-4 2017
Host: The National Reading Centre
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Skriv! Les! (Write! Read!) – Norwegian research conference on reading, writing and literacy 

Trondheim, Norway, May 9-11 2017
Host: The Norwegian Centre for Writing Education and Research (The Writing Centre).
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Books and Screens and the Reading Brain - international conference in Vilnius

September 27-29, co-hosted by COST Action E-READ and SHARP (Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing):

The multidisciplinary EU COST E-READ Action, running between November 2014 and November 2018 has fostered a great deal of empirical research on the effects of the wholesale adoption of screens for reading.

The conference ‘Books and screens and the reading brain’ is intended to showcase some of the preliminary findings. What really changes and why? But these findings also need contextualisation, relating them to the history and present practice of reading and the social history of literacy. They invite pondering the next questions. Issues the conference proposes to address include (but are not confined to):

Empirical evidence of reading practices, e.g., book industry statistics; library statistics; media use/time-spending surveys;
How are we to interpret the outcomes of empirical research and what are their implications for the future of reading and the role of reading in education?
Relations between different formats (e.g., hardcover vs softcover; print vs screen) and reading practices;
The history and present use of books and digital learning tools in education and their relative effectiveness;
The changing status and social position of reading for various purposes, such as learning and leisure;
The changing definition of literacy;
The changing historiography of reading and development of research instruments

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