A young researcher with an international perspective

Meet our new associate professor! With a background from Harvard and Queens Universities, Miao Li is excited to join the research team at the Norwegian Reading Centre.

Our new associate professor, Miao Li, is a natural fit for the research team at the Reading Centre. Originally from Daqing, China, the young scholar already has an impressive track record as a reading and literacy researcher.

After completing her undergraduate degree in English education in China, Miao moved to Canada, where she received her M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Literacy Education from Queens University.

Currently, Miao is dividing her time between Harvard University, the University of Toronto – and since April, she has been part of the research team at the Norwegian Reading Centre, University of Stavanger.

– I first heard about the Norwegian Reading Centre through international colleagues. When this job opening came up, I saw it as a good opportunity to learn more about the Scandinavian academic culture, education system and life in general, Miao says.

Second-language learners

Needless to say, Miao has a strong international orientation. Not only through her own personal background and research experience from Canada, USA and China, but also in her field of research, where she focuses on reading and literacy in first and second language students.

As a postdoctoral fellow in the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, Miao is currently running a research project at Harvard that aims to distinguish learning disabilities in second language learners. In addition to this, Miao holds a federal-level grant from the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, looking into the identification and intervention of second language learners at-risk for learning disabilities, at Brock University. 

– I hope to contribute to the Reading Centre research environment with my interest and knowledge on literacy, special education and second-language learners, she says.

– Miao’s international background and her expertise on learning difficulties and minority language students, makes her a great asset to our team, says director Åse Kari H. Wagner at the Reading Centre.

Learning Norwegian

Getting settled into a new town, and a new job, and travelling between three different countries is demanding – but this does not seem to put a stop to the young researcher’s personal ambitions in Stavanger.

– I am excited to be working at a national center dedicated to reading and literacy, with hard-working and research-driven colleagues.  I plan to learn Norwegian, and I look forward to learning more about life in Norway. I find the changing weather fascinating, as well as the fact that the sun doesn’t set until late at night!

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Miao Li

Miao Li